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Sisense is top-of-the-line software for business analytics and intelligence. While in the past, BI analytics were performed by outsourced data scientists, today’s business people are fortunate to have the software available to perform this work in-house with a whole lot less training. Sisense is one of a number of solutions that makes it possible for any employee to be fluent in user data.

DBS offers the following Business Analytics Services:

DBS can develop the right analytics solution for your business, delivering the services you need, on-demand. Whether you need an end-to-end data solution, or want to focus on a particular business analytics challenge, we can help. DBS’s Analytics team takes the effort out of integrating and preparing data from all your sources. DBS helps you create insights and products that will help you grow revenues, innovate, make your customers happier and improve your operations – whether you’re in IT, Marketing, or Operations.

This is where DBS can help. We start by getting to know you – the way you work, your vision and your goals. Then, when we have collected, processed, analyzed and correlated all of the relevant data, we can tailor it to your unique business needs. You’ll find it’s a very effective way of driving your efficiency, your productivity and your future success.

  • Data Preparation & Consultation
  • Data Discovery and Visualization
  • Business Dashboards & KPI’s
  • Big Data

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