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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Real Estate

DynaEstate solution from DBS is the most comprehensive solution for Real Estate Management. Property developers and managers have to navigate through several sets of information such as buyer inquiries, investor relationships, and project information on a regular basis. It is often seen that these crucial pieces of information are scattered across various disconnected systems from Excel to rigid and unfriendly databases. Such an unorganized setup could hamper your business in the long run.

DynaEstate provides you with industry tools that are necessary to build a foundation solid enough to manage your customers from initial contact through to the first stages of sales and leasing. This complete Real Estate CRM tool comes fully equipped with core features that can help improve the way your sales and marketing campaigns are structured and drive sales as a result. DynaEstate from DBS can be integrated with all the popular Dynamics ERP suites.

DynaEstate Core Features

Property Management

DynaEstate has the provision to record all property details in hierarchy which helps to define the property in a more informative manner.

  • Building
  • Floor
  • Type
  • View
  • Model
  • Properties

The status of each property in the system will get automatically updated after each transaction.

  • Available
  • Booked
  • Sold
  • Registered
  • Handed Over

Contact Management

The system records details of all individuals such as tenants, sellers, buyers, landlords, investor, brokers etc. All relevant files against an individual will be stored accordingly.

  • Create and manage Individual Contacts
    • Automatic Calculation of No of Remaining Expiry Days Left for Passport and Visa
    • Identification of contract customer type (Real Owner, Passive and Investor)
    • System will send notification if document going to be expired.
  • Create and manage Account
  • Auto-duplicate check

Lead Management

  • Identification of Lead for Sales / Lease Module
  • System will allow the creation of Property Owner and Tenant
  • System will allow to Qualify the Lead and Generate Inquiry

Contract Management

a) Inquiry

  • Generate quotation from inquiry property line
  • User can identify the parking next to the Apartment / Shop depending how many parking allowed on type of property.
  • User can search the properties by Building, Floor, Type, Gross Sq. Ft, View Model and Price

b) Quotation

  • System will allow the payment discount only Apartment / Shop
  • System will allow to enter the Down Payment other than the Payment Schedule
  • System will give functionality to create Payment Schedule (Monthly, Quarterly and manually).
  • System will give facility to have one level of functionality
  • System will give functionality to have Real Owner for this Quotation.
  • System will give multiple report to print (Sales Quotation, Payment Receipt, Contract Registration Fee)
  • System can generate the contract from quotation on button operation.

c) Contract

  • System will allow to print the contract in English/Arabic on letter head
  • System will give the facility to have validate with different users having the stages of Registration, Handing Over, Title Deed Registration and Handed over Property to Client.

Lease Management

  • Create and Manage Tenant
  • Create and Manage Property Owner
  • Create and Manage Rental Properties and associated with Property owner
  • Create and Mange Rental Contract
  • Automatic Creation of Renew Contract
  • One/Multi Level of Approval


  • Implement marketing
  • Define the Campaign and associations with Sales Process
  • Marking Dashboard
    • Sales Lead by Campaign
    • Visitor by Nationality
    • Visitor by Budget
    • Campaign Budget vs. Actual Cost
    • Sales Lead by Source Campaign And Campaign Type
    • Revenue Generated By Campaign
    • Real Owner by Nationality
    • Real Owner by Source Campaign
  • Campaign Statistic MIS Report


DynaEstate allows you to efficiently manage your contacts. The tool allows you to track and follow-up on any previous conversation and is also fully integrated with email and text messaging features.

  • Enquiry Management
  • Quick Rent Evaluation
  • Single Click Interface Booking
  • Reminders for Leads
  • Email Integration to Follow up

Ideal for all Real Estate Professionals

Brokers & Agents DynaEstate property management tool provides rich functionality for real estate agents and brokers. The features include listings, leads, matchmaking, offer management and much more.

Property ManagersManage your property management operations with ease. DynaEstate has all the necessary features to help you manage multiple properties and maintain seamless communication with landlords and tenants.

Developers From independent companies to large multinational organizations, DynaEstate offers fully customizable solutions to all real estate developers.