Value Added Tax (VAT) solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Designed to meet the UAE and GCC VAT unique requirements of the regulatory

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Premium VAT Software in UAE

The process of preparing monthly tax returns includes reconciling transactions, pulling back up, and making reports which can be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. With DBS, you can get the best VAT accounting software in UAE which is designed to meet the GCC VAT requirement regulatory. A VAT Report will produce a summarized tax report which can be used to remit taxes. The DynaVAT solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP will help to prepare detailed and summarized reports needed for tax filings in compliance with UAE-specific filing formats.

Key Features

  • VAT in Sales, Sales Returns, Purchase, Purchase Returns, Entries & Printed Invoice
  • Automatic Calculation of VAT at given %
  • Assign the VAT registration number and the business Emirate for every Customer/Vendor
  • VAT Calculated based on Stock Item or Vendor level
  • Support Reverse Charges Mechanism (RCM)
  • Different VAT Rate % possible for different Items Groups, if applicable
  • Build Annual VAT Calendar
  • VAT on Stock and Non-Stock (Service) Items
  • Automatic accounting based on one-time Setup for VAT Collected and VAT Paid
  • VAT Collection Analysis for Transaction-wise details for VAT Collected
  • VAT Collection Analysis (Charged to Customers) for Transaction-wise details for VAT Collected
  • VAT Paid Analysis (Charged by Suppliers) for Transaction-wise details for VAT Paid
  • Vat Analysis Report for One Page Summary of VAT Collection & Paid, VAT Account Reconciliation
  • VAT Collection & Paid Statement of Account
  • Excel-based Reporting, hence fully customizable
  • Built inside Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Very User-Friendly software, and much more...
  • VAT calculation and in generating the audit and government reports
  • Your system will support your business growth or the government requirements.
  • Support growth without adding employees

A Cost-Effective Solution

DynaVAT will save the user’s time when preparing the monthly tax returns, and it is a cost-effective solution which allows for accurate reporting without the hassle of manual preparations.

A VAT implementation project should focus on the fundamental areas of people, processes and technology ensuring the project can move to business-as-usual in a sustainable way.

DynaVAT having a complete final VAT summary reports compliance with UAE specific filing formats. Returns can also be displayed and saved in any format in the Arabic or English.