DynaPro (SAAS)

DynaPro Your Local HR-Payroll Solutions for Dynamics 365 - Enterprise Edition

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DynaPro (SAAS)

DynaPro Payroll is a flexible, reliable, easy-to-use and yet comprehensive application that uses advanced technology to turn human resources into a collaborative, strategic function within the organization. Dynamo HR and Payroll transforms administrative staff into knowledge workers and empowers HR department to play a vital and strategic role in their organizations success.

DynaPro is a complete set of modular software applications that automate HR and Payroll Management. It helps you to accurately and efficiently manage your human resources and employee benefits responsibilities. It keeps your staff up to date with easily accessible information that is calculated and reported in real time. Dynamo payroll offers the freedom of choice, seamless integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking companies rely on to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage. The Employee Master Index helps you to manage your employee information and store historical records of employee information ensuring automated and efficient processing with complete history of employee’s transactions.


  • Multi-company support
  • Uses Employee master feature of standard Dynamics 365
  • Flexible & Robust formula set up editors (equation factors)
  • Multiple earning & deductions (payroll elements) set up with formula editors
  • Various Types of Pension set up and calculations
  • Various types of Gratuity set up & calculations
  • Annual leave accruals & leave encashment
  • Training management
  • GCC Payroll calculations – multiple payroll cycles based on different employee groups.


Recruitment Applications & Applicants management

  • Workflow for application to be approved
  • Recruitment checklist
  • Offer letter information containing grade, payroll information etc. linked to DynaPro payroll
  • Immigration service request list
  • Keeping track of visa utilization in the company

Training & Course Management

  • Request to apply for a list of existing courses in the HR module through the employee self-services (Course request)
  • Request for a new course to be made available (Course need request)
  • Importing the list of attendees in the course module who have booked through the employee self-services

Performance Management

  • Workflow for performance appraisal
  • Questionnaire link to performance appraisal
  • Interview scheduling for appraisal dates
  • Evaluation sheet generation
  • If the appraisal is monetary, then link to employee card to update salary.