Requirements Gathering

Too many business software deployment projects start prematurely. Too often there is an over‑eagerness to get runs on the board quickly and demonstrate that work is actually being done.

How is your organisation really performing?

At DBS we put proven measures in place to ensure this does not happen. For us, it all begins with a thorough process of requirements gathering. Requirements are crucial for defining, scoping, estimating, resourcing and managing the project.

While there is no single perfect methodology for identifying and analysing a project’s requirements, there are a variety of tasks and activities we select from to ensure that when the rubber hits the road, we’re on our way to a successful technology deployment outcome.

One-on-one and group interviews

Here we sit down with the person or people best qualified to set out the initial requirements, issues and expectations associated with the project. Over successive interview sessions, we arrive at a clarity of purpose and an agreed‑upon understanding of the objectives of the project, a time‑frame for its rollout, its various KPIs and the resources that will be needed to fulfil its aims.

Brainstorming sessions

Often it’s as much about discovering what’s required as it is about uncovering what’s required. Our brainstorming sessions with our customer’s stakeholders are designed to generate ideas, unearth fresh insights and discuss relevant issues, challenges and opportunities. The information that emerges can then be used to build consensus, identify solutions and set priorities.


Observing how system users and the people who manage them go about their day‑to‑day work tasks can prove enormously instructive. By doing this we can identify what works for people and what doesn’t, and factor the findings in to our project plan.

Surveys and questionnaires

Surveys and questionnaires provide hard data that can translate into valuable insights. Our questionnaires and surveys are tailor‑made for the individual customer and can cover as much or little is needed to help lay the groundwork for a successful project.

Requirements document

The final phase of our requirements gathering process is the creation of a requirements document. This document - with appropriate flexibility built‑in – sets everything out that’s relevant to the project including its scope, priorities, time‑frames, resources, aims and the assignment of roles and responsibilities.

Requirements the DBS way

Good planning is essential for a successful system implementation project, and effective requirements gathering is essential for planning. To find out more about our requirements gathering services, Contact DBS on +971 4 447 5525

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