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Software Selection

Any business owner or executive looking to acquire a new business management software system faces an array of choices.

Leading Business Intelligence Solution in UAE

Business Analytic Services in UAE is used to collect, integrate, analyze and present a business's information or data. The process helps to provide information used in decision-making and to have more sense of information concerning a business. Business Intelligence solutions provide users with current and predictive ideas of how to operate a business effectively. These include the technologies, skills, and activities used in exploring and analyzing past business data sets and information for making decisions. The BI solutions at DBS is specialized in reducing cost and identifying new business opportunities. Our comprehensive Business Intelligence service tools assist your experts to analyze the data themselves.

How We Work

Our approach is to work with you, the customer, to assess your needs from a technical, business and budgetary perspective and recommend a solution that meets your organization’s specific objectives.

Why Work with Us?

Our areas of business technology expertise are broad and includes Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM, finance & accounting, Corporate Performance Management, business analytics, document management and mobile, Intranet and cloud solutions.

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